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What ingredients does oVertone use? Is oVertone gluten free?

Our formulas are based on the nourishing powers of plant-based oils, including coconut oil, linseed oil, jojoba oil, and evening primrose oil (to name a few). Whenever possible, our ingredients are organically and/or sustainably sourced.

All of our products are certified vegan & cruelty-free. We don’t test on animals. Never have, never will! We only work with U.S.-based suppliers who have cruelty-free and vegan processes that encompass their entire supply chain.

All oVertone products are free of wheat, however, oVertone does contain oat extract. Due to contamination in growing and processing, oats can sometimes cause a reaction for people with Celiac and non-Celiac gluten sensitivities.

For a full rundown of our formulas, check out our ingredients page.

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