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What is oVertone exactly?

oVertone conditioners are not dyes — they’re pigmented conditioners!


What sets oVertone pigmented conditioners apart from traditional and other conditioner-based dyes is that we take the drama (and damage) out of having bold, vibrant hair.


Traditional dyes contain chemicals formulated specifically to dry and open the hair cuticle, which allows the color to deposit. oVertone conditioners contain none of those harsh chemicals or heavy alcohols! This does mean that while you can add color to your hair with our conditioners, they're not formulated to be a one-time application like dyes.


Our Coloring Conditioners are best used for your initial application and can give you hyper-pigmented colors. Our Daily Conditioners are designed to replace your every-occasion conditioner to replace the pigments you lose every time you wash your hair, so your color is perfect every single day, whether you were in a salon four days ago, four months ago, or never! 

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